Creating Lead Forms

In this topic, you will learn how to create a lead form.

Lead forms can be used to capture viewer information during video playback. When creating a lead form, you will be required to paste in the lead form HTML from a marketing automation platform and then configure the form timing and display. For more information on creating the lead form HTML, see the appropriate document for your marketing automation platform:

Creating a lead form

To create a lead form, follow these steps.

  1. Log in to Brightcove Campaign.
  2. In the navigation header, click the gear icon () and then Lead Forms. A list of all lead forms (if any) will appear.
    lead forms listing
  3. Click Add lead form.
  4. Paste in your Lead Form Code. This is the form HTML generated from your marketing automation platform software.
  5. Select a Close Confirmation display time. This determines how long the close confirmation message will display (if entered).
  6. (Optional) Enter the Confirmation Screen Code. This is the message that will display when the lead form is submitted.
  7. Give the lead form a descriptive Name.
  8. Select a Lead Form Status.
    • Active
    • Inactive
  9. Select the form Timing. The timing determines when the lead form will be displayed.
  10. Check Require submission to watch video to require that the lead form be submitted to watch a video.
  11. Checking Always show the lead form even if the lead is already known will always show the lead form even if the lead is already known. If not checked, the lead form is not displayed if the lead is known.
    lead form embed code
  12. (Optional) Click Preview to open a preview of the form in a new browser tab. The preview dialog can be used to preview the form on mobile, tablet or desktop devices.
    preview lead form
  13. Click Save to save the lead form.

The lead form can be edited by clicking on the lead form name or by checking the box next to the lead form and then clicking Edit.

Viewing lead form data

The data submitted in lead forms can be viewed in the appropriate marketing automation platform. The steps to view the data are covered in the lead form topics for each platform: