Managing Account Settings

In this topic you will learn how to manage account settings.

To access the Brightcove Campaign™ account settings, click the gear icon () in the navigation header.

The account settings menu provides the following options:

Account Information

The Account Information option allows you to edit the account name and mailing address. For information, see Managing Account Information.

User Management

The User Management option allows you to manage the users who are authorized to use the Brightcove Campaign application. For information, see Managing Users.

Account Settings

The Account Settings allow you to set the default reporting time zone for the account and to enable the Video Content Type field. The reporting time zone is used to calculate day boundaries for reporting data. Changing the reporting time zone setting only affects data going forward, and changes are not applied retroactively. If you change this setting, you may see a flat spot or a spike in your analytics data when looking at day boundaries where the change was applied. Updates to this setting may not take effect immediately and analytics data may continue to refer to the old setting until the system processes the changes.

By enabling the Video Content Type field, Brightcove can compile your analytics with those of similar videos and provide more robust analytics that includes Brightcove's Video Benchmark Score (VBS) and customized advice.

Media Sharing

The Media Sharing option allows you to upload videos once and then share the videos to other Brightcove accounts. For information, see Managing Media Sharing Settings.

Google Analytics

The Google Analytics option allows player events and custom dimension data to be sent to a Google Analytics account for reporting purposes. For information, see Configuring Google Analytics Event Tracking.

Adobe Analytics

The Adobe Analytics option allows event tracking data to be sent to an Adobe Analytics account for reporting purposes. For information, see Configuring Adobe Analytics Event Tracking.

MAP Connections

The MAP Connections option allows you to configure integrations with marketing automation platforms such as HubSpot, Eloqua and Marketo. For information, see Configuring Marketing Automation Platform Connections.

Lead Forms

The Lead Forms option allows you to create lead forms that can be displayed during video playback. For information, see Creating Lead Forms.

Player Styling

The Player Styling option allows you to customize the player appearance, colors and a player overlay. For information, see Styling Players.


The Billing option allows you to view billing information for the account. For information, see Viewing Billing Information.