Managing Media Sharing Settings

In this topic you will learn how to configure Media Sharing settings.

Media sharing allows Video Cloud publishers to upload videos once and then share the videos to other accounts. The accounts can be your own, corporate accounts or accounts of other publishers. The shared videos can then be used independently in the other accounts. The Media Sharing settings are used to manage the sharing relationships between accounts.

This topic will use the following terminology:

  • Master - The account that created (uploaded) the original video. The Master owns the content and is responsible for setting up, managing and providing content to Affiliates. The Master account will always be a Brightcove Video Cloud account.
  • Affiliate - The account that is receiving the video. The Affiliate can accept content shared to it from a Master. Brightcove Campaign™ accounts are always affiliate accounts.

Adding affiliates

To share videos from a Brightcove Video Cloud account to a Brightcove Campaign account, the Campaign account must be added as an affiliate of the Video Cloud account. account must be added. For information on how to add an affiliate account to a Video Cloud account, check the Video Cloud documentation.

After the affiliate account is added, the affiliate account will receive a media sharing notification and be able to accept or reject the relationship.

Approving/Rejecting media sharing relationships

If a Brightcove Video Cloud account has added your Brightcove Campaign account as an affiliate (wants to share videos to your account), a message will be displayed when the Media Sharing administration page is accessed (gear icon () and then Media Sharing).

Click Reject to reject the media sharing relationship. Click Approve to approve the media sharing relationship. After the relationship is approved it will appear in the Manage Masters section of the page.

To remove the sharing relationship, click the remove icon ().