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    Viewing Billing Information

    In this topic you will learn how to view billing information for an account.

    Administrators have the ability to view the billing information for an account. Note that to access the Billing page, you must be a user with the Administrator role and you must have an annual contract associated with your account. To access the Billing page:

    1. Log in to Brightcove Campaign™.
    2. In the navigation header, click the gear icon () and then Billing.

    The main Billing page will display. The Billing Account dropdown can be used to select another account to manage.

    Main billing page

    The Billing page is organized into different sections which are covered below.

    Plan Details

    The PLAN DETAILS section will list information about your current plan including:

    • Plan name
    • Maximum user accounts
    • Maximum videos in the account
    • Plan expiration date

    Billing Info

    The BILLING INFO section displays the billing information for the current account. Click Billing Manager to view/edit your billing information.

    Usage Overview

    The USAGE OVERVIEW section displays information about the number of user accounts that have been created and how many videos are in the account.


    The CONTACT section can be used to email Brightcove with billing questions.

    Page last updated on 10 Jun 2021