Reviewing Video Analytics

In this topic you will learn how to review video analytics.

Regardless of your specific goals for online video, understanding your audience is a key to developing a successful video strategy. The better you understand your viewers, the easier it is to create content that will engage them in formats they can easily consume. The Analytics page provides analytics about how many views your videos have, how much content your viewers are watching and even when they stop watching videos.

To view Analytics in Brightcove Campaign™, click Analytics in the navigation header.

Selecting a time span

To specify the time period for analytics, click on a quick date or use the calendar control. Note that when a single day is selected, the graphs will display by hour.

Using a quick date

A series of quick dates are at the top of the page. The following quick dates are available:

  • Today
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 30 days
  • This month - The calendar month to date - for example, if today is March 17, this report will display March 1 - March 17
  • Last month - The previous calendar month - for example, if today is February 14, this report will display January 1 - January 31.
quick dates

Using the calendar control

You can also select a start and end dates by clicking on the calendar control.

date selector

Reporting time zone

Data on the Analytics page is shown using the account's reporting time zone. The time zone is displayed below the calendar control.

time zone

The reporting time zone is used to calculate day boundaries for reporting data. Changing the reporting time zone setting only affects data going forward, and changes are not applied retroactively. If you change this setting, you may see a flat spot or a spike in your data when looking at day boundaries where the change was applied. Updates to this setting may not take effect immediately, and analytics data may continue to refer to the old setting until the system processes the changes.

The reporting time zone can be configured as part of the account settings. For information on changing the reporting time zone, see Managing Account Settings.

Viewing summary analytics

The body of the page will display trend graphs and summary video analytics for the time period selected. Video analytics are "close to real-time". Analytics are typically delayed a few minutes but the delay can increase during traffic spikes.

Trends for this Period

The Trends for This Period section will display trend graphs for the selected time period. The graphs will display the following information for videos published using Brightcove Campaign:

  • Video Impressions - Total number of videos that were loaded into a video player and ready for playback
  • Video Starts - Total number of video starts (viewer pressed play)
  • Avg. Percent Viewed - Average percent viewed for all videos; note that the average can be > 100% if viewers rewatch or watch parts of a video over and over
  • Avg. Time Viewed - Average time viewed for all videos

All Videos

The All Videos section will display all videos that had video views during the selected time period. The following information will be displayed:

  • Video Name and ID
  • Video Content Type - Video Content Type assigned to the video
  • Created Date - Date and time the video was uploaded
  • Video Views - Number of video views (viewer pressed play)
  • Play Rate - Percentage of the time the video was loaded into a player and a viewer pressed play
  • Avg. Minutes Watched - Average minutes watched per video view
  • Video Benchmark Score - Video Benchmark Score calculated for the video (how is VBS calculated?)

Viewing analytics for a video

To view detailed analytics for a specific video, click on a video name. The top of the page displays a preview player which can be used to view the video. The Video Benchmark Score and Average Percent Viewed graphs will be displayed to the right of the preview player.

The bottom of the page will display the video details:

  • Date - The date the video was uploaded
  • Video Views - The number of times a video started playing
  • Play Rate - The percentage of videos that were loaded that were actually played (video views / video impressions)
  • Average Minutes Watched - Total Time Viewed / Video Starts
  • Video Benchmark Score - The VBS compares the performance of your videos to the performance of other, similar videos of the same type (how is VBS calculated?)

Exporting analytics data

To export analytics data, follow these steps.

  1. Click on a quick date or use the calendar control to select a date range.
  2. Click the appropriate link to export the data as a CSV or XLSX file.