Reviewing the Advanced Dashboard

In this topic you will learn about the information presented in the Advanced Dashboard.

The Advanced Dashboard provides an overview of the best and worst performing videos in the account. If less than 10 videos in the account have been published, only the 10 best performing video will be displayed. This dashboard provides a Video Benchmark Score (VBS) for each video. The VBS compares the performance of your videos to the performance of other, similar videos of the same type. The Advanced Dashboard is only displayed when the Video Content Type metadata field for videos has been enabled.

advanced dashboard

To view the Dashboard page, click Dashboard in the navigation header.

Selecting a time span

To specify the time period for the dashboard, you can click on a quick date or use the calendar control.

Using a quick date

A series of quick dates are at the top of the page. The following quick dates are available:

  • Today
  • Yesterday
  • Last 7 days
  • Last 30 days
  • This month - The calendar month to date - for example, if today is March 17, this report will display March 1 - March 17
  • Last month - The previous calendar month - for example, if today is February 14, this report will display January 1 - January 31.
quick dates

Click on a quick date to update the dashboard.

Using the calendar control

You can also select a start and end dates by clicking on the calendar control.

date selector

Click Apply to update the dashboard.

Reporting time zone

Data in the dashboard is shown using the account's reporting time zone. The time zone is displayed below the calendar control.

time zone

The reporting time zone is used to calculate day boundaries for reporting data. Changing the reporting time zone setting only affects data going forward, and changes are not applied retroactively. If you change this setting, you may see a flat spot or a spike in your data when looking at day boundaries where the change was applied. Updates to this setting may not take effect immediately, and analytics data may continue to refer to the old setting until the system processes the changes.

The reporting time zone can be configured as part of the account settings.

Terms used on the dashboard

Reviewing the following video terms will be helpful before viewing the advanced dashboard.

  • Video Starts - The number of times a video started playing
  • Video Impressions - Number of times a video was loaded and ready for interaction
  • Play Rate - The percentage of videos that were loaded that were actually played (video views / video impressions)
  • Video Benchmark Score (VBS) - The VBS compares the performance of your videos to the performance of other, similar videos of the same type (how is VBS calculated?)
  • Average Percent Viewed - Average Time Viewed / Video length

Reviewing dashboard analytics

The body of the page will display the advanced analytics. The page is divided into Best Performing Videos and Worst Performing Videos sections. Each section will display the same information.

The Best Performing Videos list will display the five videos with the highest VBS. The list will contain:

  • Video name
  • Video content type
  • Published date
  • Video Benchmark Score

best videos

Selecting a video in the list will display the VBS details for the video.

time zone

Clicking More Analytics for This Video will open the Analytics page with detailed analytics for the selected video.

The Play Rate graph will show the play rate for the selected video and the play rate for other videos with the same video content type. Based upon the Play Rate of your video compared to other videos of the same type, a Performance rating is displayed.

Performance Rating VBS Range
Great 80 - 100
Good 60 - 79
Average 40 - 59
Low 20 - 39
Poor 0 - 19