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Brightcove Campaign™ Product Updates

This topic outlines the updates that have been made to the Brightcove Engage application.

Chrome Extension 1.1.0

18 Feb 2020

  • Fix bug if average percent viewed is above 100
  • Fixed text overflow for non English localizations
  • Fix a bug to adjust the max-height of the extension
  • Fix a bug where clicking on 'Sign Out' leaves user hanging on loader

v 1.0.5

18 Feb 2020

  • Update date range for benchmark query to better handle processing backups
  • Use higher resolution thumbnail for Publish page, Video SEO Code, Facebook Tags, and image for email

v 1.0.4

16 Jan 2020

  • If benchmarks are not available, show "Unknown" for benchmarks instead of unavailable Dashboard
  • Improve video list visual style
  • Update MAP connections call to action if not an administrator

v 1.0.1

14 Jan 2020

  • Added "Learn More" link to SEO tips on Publish page
  • Adjusted sizing of player icon in Publish page email tab
  • Fix label for MAP Connections field on Publish page when no connections are set up
  • Added Publish page translations
  • Localized content types on Dashboard & Publish
  • Fix missing data bug in opt-out Dashboard
  • Show loading animation when switching query on Dashboard
  • Fix link on Publish page
  • Improve layout of Dashboard at smaller window sizes
  • Improvements to Dashboard error handling and error messages
  • Improved localizations on Publish page

Initial Release

18 Dec 2019

The initial release of Brightcove Campaign.

Page last updated on 24 Jan 2020