Editing Video Properties

In this topic you will learn how to edit video properties.

To view and edit the properties for a video:

  1. Click Videos in the navigation header.
  2. Click on a video title to open the video properties page.

Buttons at the top of the video properties page provide the ability to:

If the video is activated, the Deactivate button can be used to deactivate the video. If the video is deactivated, the Activate button can be used to activate the video. Videos that are deactivated cannot be played.

The preview player at the top of the page can be used to view the video.

The video properties are organized into the following sections:

To edit the video properties, click the Edit button in the section or double-click in the section.

Video Information

The Video Information section can be used to view and edit basic video properties.

To edit the properties, click the Edit button or double-click in the section. The following properties are available:

  • Name - No more than 255 characters.
  • ID - System assigned video ID (cannot be edited).
  • Short description - No more than 250 characters.
  • Video Content Type - Type of video; can be one of (learn more...):
    • Brand/Company Promotion
    • Product Overview
    • Product Details and Use
    • Testimonial
    • Event Promotion
    • Company Culture
    • Webinar
    • Interviews/Presentations
  • Tags - One or more tags, separated by commas. Tags facilitate searching videos.
    • Tags can be up to 128 characters. If any tags have more than 128 characters, an error will be displayed when you attempt to save changes.
    • Tags can't contain commas. For example, a tag of "roof, attic + front yard" is not supported.
    • A video can have no more than a total of 1200 tags.
    • A tag differing only in case (lowercase, uppercase) is handled as an identical tag and the case will automatically match those of the original tag.
    • After entering a tag, press the comma key or enter. Tags that have been added will display in a colored box.
  • Sharing - If the video was shared into this account, sharing info will be displayed

Click Save to save changes.


The Images section displays the poster and thumbnail images for the video. Poster and thumbnail images are created automatically by taking a snapshot from the source video at the midway point. If you don't like the default images that were captured, you can capture new images or upload other images to use as the poster and thumbnail.

Video Source File

The Video Source File section can be used to replace the video source file. This is useful when the source file has been edited after it was uploaded. Replacing the source file will retain all existing video metadata and analytics that have been captured.

To replace the source file, click Replace and browse and select the new source file.

Text Tracks

The Text Tracks section can be used to add text tracks to the video. For more information on configuring text tracks, see Adding Text Tracks to a Video.