Managing Videos

In this topic you will learn how to manage the videos in your account.

To access the videos in the account, login to Brightcove Campaign™ and click Videos in the navigation header.

The body of the page will display the following:

Multiple videos can be selected by clicking on a checkbox next to the video thumbnail and then shift-clicking on another checkbox. The list of videos can be sorted by clicking on a column header. The Videos page uses a "sticky" sort and will remember the sort selection. When you navigate away and come back or login again, the Videos page will default to the sort that was last selected.

The button bar at the top of the page provides the ability to:

Editing video properties

To edit the video properties, click on the video name to open the video properties page. See Editing Video Properties for information on editing video properties.

Publishing videos

The Publish feature in Brightcove Campaign can be used to easily generate the embed code and images needed to distribute a video using a marketing automation platform (MAP). For information on publishing videos, see Publishing Videos.

Editing content types

The Video Content Type column on the Videos page displays the Video Content Type for the video. Brightcove uses the Video Content Type to compile your analytics with those of similar videos and provide more robust analytics that includes Brightcove's Video Benchmark Score (VBS) and customized advice. To assign a Video Content Type to one or more videos:

  1. Select one or more videos by clicking the checkbox next to the video(s).
  2. Click Edit Content Type.
  3. Select a content type for the selected videos.
  4. Click Save.

Uploading videos

For information on uploading videos to the account, see Uploading Videos.

Activating and Deactivating videos

The Status column on the Videos page indicates if the video is Activated or Deactivated.

  • - Indicates the video is active (video can be played)
  • - Indicates the video is inactive (video can't be played)

To Activate a video, select it and then click Activate. To Deactivate a video, select it and then click Deactivate. If the Status column is not displayed, use the column selector to select it.

Sharing videos to other accounts

Media sharing allows publishers with Brightcove Video Cloud accounts to share the videos to Brightcove Campaign accounts. The accounts can be your own, corporate accounts or accounts of other publishers. The video thumbnail will display an arrow in the upper left to indicate that the video was shared into the account. In the example below, the Brightcove Overview video was shared into this account.

For more information on working with shared videos, see Working with Shared Videos.

Deleting videos

To delete videos, click the checkboxes next to the video thumbnails of the videos to delete and then click the delete button (). Confirm the delete by clicking the Delete button.

Created and updated date and time information

The user ID of the user who created and/or updated the video will be displayed in the Created Date/Updated Date columns. Note that if a user who performed an action is removed from an account, their ID will still appear.

There are cases where changes made to a video will not record a user ID and cases where a user ID may not be displayed:

  • When the video source is replaced, the updated date for the video will be updated but the user who initiated the action will not be recorded
  • When the images (poster/thumbnail) and/or text tracks are updated, the updated date for the video will be updated but the user who initiated the action will not be recorded

The Search field can be used to search the videos and playlists in your account. For more information, see How to Search for Videos.

Customizing the column display

The columns that appear in the body of the page can be customized by clicking on the columns button () and then selecting the columns that should be displayed.

As more columns are selected, it is possible to horizontally scroll to see all of the columns.