Uploading Videos

In this topic you will learn how to upload videos to your account.

To upload videos to your account, follow these steps.

  1. Click Videos in the navigation header.
  2. Click Upload. The uploader panel will open in the page.
  3. Videos can be uploaded using one of these methods:
    • Drag and Drop - Drag files from the file system to the Upload panel. The gray box becomes the drop zone. When the file is dropped, the upload process will begin.
    • File selection dialog - Click Browse for Videos to open a file selection dialog and then browse and select files to upload.
  4. After files are selected, the upload progress will display. Click Edit to view the video properties.

Once the files have been selected, the file upload will begin. To cancel the upload, click Cancel Upload. Click Dismiss to remove the file entry from the page. While uploads are in an uploading state, do not close or move away from the browser window. Doing so may cause an incomplete upload.

When the upload is complete, an Uploaded status will display. This indicates the video upload has completed and it is safe to navigate away from the Videos page.

All uploaded videos will have a status of Active. To learn more about video properties, see Editing Video Properties.